Loralei's Boutique

Welcome to Loralei’s Boutique

Loralei’s Finer and Designer Consignment and Resale Boutique has built a reputation for making designer fashions available and affordable to everyone.  We offer the name brands you love in pristine condition.

With over eight years in business, we have been recognized as one of the top designer consignment shops in the Miami Valley. 


Laurie Westheimer, Owner

This is Loralei.  Or rather, Laurie Westheimer.


"Loralei was just a nickname my mother sometimes called me when I was a child.  I like to think that Loralei is my stylish and frugal alter ego."

Laurie has been shopping consignment for as long as she can remember. 

"I remember going with my mom to consign items in my hometown of Greenville, Ohio.  I loved the wonderful shop we used to frequent.  It was full of treasures and each visit was a new adventure."

In college, Laurie still sought the best deals. 

Army Surplus Stores, Thrift Shops. Vintage Stores. Designer Consignment Shops.

"My favorite pair of shorts all through college were a pair of cut-off camo pants from an Army and Navy Surplus store near Ohio State's campus.  I also found the most amazing Halloween Costume ever at a nearby Vintage Store.  I went as Sophia Loren in a 1960's silk dress and white cat eye sunglasses with rhinestones.  The cast of Mad Men had nothing on me in this outfit!"

Laurie's sister also was also a source of inspiration:

"Whenever I was home from college, my sister would raid my suitcase and closet.  Of course, she always wanted whatever I had outgrown or had just grown tired of.  She would tell me that I should open a store and call it My Sister's Closet…because whenever her friends would ask where she got the awesome clothes she was wearing she would say, "my sister's closet."

Fast Forward 15 years after a much needed mental health day from her former former job as a paralegal and Loralei's Boutique was born.

 "I spent my day off cleaning out my messy closet and took my items to a local consignment shop.   Little did I know that day would change everything -- THE SHOP WAS FOR SALE!"

Over the past five plus years since Laurie purchased the shop that would become Loralei's Boutique, Laurie has worked to make Loralei's Boutique THE DESTINATION for area fashionistas seeking the thrill of the find at a fraction of the cost.. 


Barbara Claudepierre, General Manager

Enter Loralei's Boutique and see the artistic flare that is Barb.  In addition to everything else that she does, Barb is the "creative department" responsible for the inviting atmosphere that our customers know and love. Loralei's Boutique has the best-dressed mannequins and displays that rival fine department stores in NYC.  Her talent in that area alone is so incredible, that our mannequins often see four and five wardrobe changes a day because the outfits sell as quickly as she gets them dressed.  Barb is also skilled in finding the perfect outfit to flatter your figure as well.

In addition to "Creative Department," Barb is Loralei's Boutique "major domo," providing staff leadership and impeccable organization that makes the shopping experience at Loralei's Boutique so relaxing and fun.


Kathy Weaver, Senior Sales Associate/Intake Manager


Kathy also has been an invaluable asset to Loralei's Boutique since opening day. Despite often feeling like she is drowning in a sea of clothing intake, Kathy always manages to get items out with lightning speed.  Our customers and consignors love Kathy for her friendliness.  She has even been told she gives "good voice" on the phone.

In spite of her slight build, Kathy is also the strongest woman we know…she's able to heft countless clothing racks up and down two flights of stairs and donation bags that surely weigh more than she does.  She is also skilled in the use of many power tools without risk of grave personal injury and for that we are eternally grateful.

Heather Hime, Sales Associate


Heather, a former buyer for a major department store, has a discerning eye for fashion and quality.  She knows her designers and educates the rest of us on the craftsmanship behind many of the exclusive brands that we carry.

Heather also offers customers impeccably excellent customer service.  Have an item on your wish list?  If she knows your heart's desire, Heather will make sure that you are the first to know when she sees the item hit the floor…be the first to find out we have a new Chanel bag, a Burberry trench or a St. John Suit in your size.

Jacki Bishop, Sales Associate


Meet our newest sales associate, Jacki.  Jacki started as a shopper and her love of the store led to more...

Ask Jacki and she will tell you the best deals and steals that Loralei's Boutique has to offer.  Also get her HONEST opinion about how you look in anything.  Jacki knows that our customers are our best billboards and isn't afraid to say, "No that isn't the most flattering style for you…Let me show you something that I know will work better."

Loralei's Boutique - 43 W Franklin St, Centerville OH 45459